Kogen Taiko suspended
operations in 2015. 

For more information please contact the
Twin Cities Buddhist Association


Kogen Taiko - Minneapolis, Minnesota


Kogen Taiko came out of retirement in February 2017 to participate in the
Twin Cities JACL Day of Remembrance, held at the Minnesota History Center, marking the 75th anniversary of the signing of executive order 9066.

Founded in 1984, and affiliated with the Twin Cities Buddhist Association, the group takes its name "Kogen" from a Buddhist Sutra which means, "light emanating from the Buddha's face."  It is a reminder of the wisdom and comassion of all Buddhas.  In practice and performance the group emphasizes the Jodo Shinshu concepts of openness, sharing and participation.

Twin Cities  Bukkyo Kai Taiko Group, 1984
By sharing the spirit and energy of taiko with others, Kogen Taiko is able to express the harmony of the players,
the taiko, and the listener.  We maintain a link to taiko's origins hundreds of years ago, as a Buddhist musical
accompaniment.  And in the modern tradition of "kimidaiko" (group drumming), we blend this traditional
Japanese style of drumming with American multi-ethnic rhythms into music that is truly Japanese American. 
In performance we are delighted to share these origins and influences with our audiences through stories,
interactive participation, and the energy of our music.